Beldurdaukr is the oldest dwarven settlement in Aborl, and until it was conquered three centuries ago, it was the capitol of the dwarven kingdom in the north. Beldurdaukr was founded almost three thousand years ago as a small outpost. However, it’s seemingly unending mines, and unusual access to decent farming lands, soon caused it to grow into a full city, surpassing older dwarven settlements. By 2,000 BD, Beldurdaukr was undisputed as the center of the dwarven lands in Aborl. The city was named for the first king, Beldur, and in the dwarven tongue it literally means, “Beldur’s domain”.

In 0 AD, Vestmark the Silver had been the king of Beldurdaukr for almost two hundred years. During his reign he had accomplished many great deeds, and dwarven bards and sages already spoke of Vestmark’s rule as a golden age for the dwarves. When the dragon legions came to Aborl, Vestmark chose to honor the ancient treaties and joined the humans to fight the invaders. But despite the strength of the dwarves, the dragon legions overwhelmed their foes. Only a handful of Vestmark’s army, including the king himself, survived the fight.

Unlike most other races, the dwarves didn’t suffer greatly under the dragons, but Beldurdaukr was attacked and pillaged by the dragons. The main targets were the dwarves’ legendary articifers, but there were powerful mages among the dwarves as well, so the dragons sought to destroy these as well.

Despite the sacking of Beldurdaukr in 3 AD, however, the city lost little of its luster. But the goblins and their kin sensed the weakness of their ancient foes. A hobgoblin warlord, Naks, was able to unite a large number of tribes under his banner, and the horde attacked the city. Even so large a horde would have been impotent before the famed gates of the dwarven stronghold, save for the betrayal of one of their own. Otius had long been jealous of his brother, Vestmark, and when Prince Commius was born in 43 BD, he realized that his chance of ever inheriting the kingdom was remote at best. Naks was able to use this jealousy and made a deal with Otius. Otius would make sure that the western gate was left open one night, and in exchange Naks and the horde would promise to pillage for two days, but then leave with their loot, leaving Otius as the only member of the royal family and thus rightful king. Unsurprisingly, Naks did not live up to his deal, and he personally strangled Otius to death as soon as Vestmark was confirmed dead. Naks himself died only days later, slain by his lieutenant, Gunthig, in the dwarven throne room. The goblinoid alliance fell apart and the tribes fell to battling each other as much as the dwarves, but the city was lost.

In the final days of Beldurdaukr, Prince Commius ruled as the last prince of the mighty dwarven city. For 3 months, he led the remaining people of his city as they fought off tribes of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, as they sought escape south through the tunnels to Southgate. The effort was for naught, and they soon found themselves bottled up in a small outpost waiting for relief from Southgate. That relief did not arrive in time, and so ended the city of the dwarves.


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