Gnomish bard


Though not a native of the Aborl region, Wulfaila has lived there all of his adult life. He was born in a remote village in the southern mainland, a village that was equally populated by humans and gnomes. Then the 12th Legion came, under the command of the notorious Legate Dracus, in the infamous march known as the March of Fire. Wulfaila’s village had done nothing to offend the Draconic Sovereignty or to support the gnomish uprising, but this did not matter to Dracus. As far as he knows, Wulfaila was the only one to survive from his village.

As an adult, Wulfaila traveled about here and there, working both as an entertainer and a soothsayer (though he has no actual prophetic abilities), surviving as best he could as one of the few remaining members of his massacred race. After seeing first hand the devestation of the war with the Kilravic barbarians, Wulfaila headed north and made his way to the remote – and peaceful, now that the shadowed elves had been pacified – province of Aborl.

Wulfaila had lived in Northander for many decades, trading information, tales, and songs with the travelers coming through the city, building up his skills as a bard and his repetoire of stories and songs. After the dragons had left, Aborl became more dangerous, but
Wulfaila felt safe and comfortable in his small corner of Northander. He had a steady job as an entertainer at the Lazy Pauper’s Inn, a steady clientelle that included even a few wealthy merchants, and a beautiful human girl who seemed interested in more than just his stories. But then the Cult of Pain came, and Northander was consumed by the Cult almost overnight. He was tolerant, though, as they hadn’t threatened him. But then his dearest Runella became a convert, and some of her new friends weren’t quite sure they liked some of the stories he’d told. Wulfaila knew it was time to leave. He made his way south to the Midlan area. He stopped at the Singing Saint’s Inn in Saint Prander’s Ferry and planned to stay for only a week or two, but when then he made new friends, and when he heard of their ambitious quest, he knew he had to join.


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