3rd Level Half-orc barbarian


Nestoruk is a intimidating but amiable barbarian from the south looking for adventure and good beer. Built like a brick, and smelling like a feral bull, Nestoruk is a fearsome warrior, especially when the “bloodsong” takes control. He has worked as a brute, collecting protection money for a crime boss, but has recently been working as a guard for a petty nobleman. He’s fearless, and fearsome, but a good guy to have as your friend.

His father was a hill Orc by the name of Graskul from an area to the south, part of a band that routinely raided caravans passing through the Rhu Veldt. Nine months before Nestoruk was born, his mother, Oona, a barbarian woman, who was traveling with her mate, was leading a caravan thru the area where the Orc band raided. The orcs raided, killing all the men and children, keeping the women for raping purposes. Oona She was taken by Graskul who had his way with her, repeatedly. On the last occasion Graskul made the mistake of trying rape Oona, she escaped her bonds and bit his face. A large chunk of flesh was torn free and he nearly died. He subdued Oona, but his tribe left him to his own death or life.

Unfortunately for the orcs, Oona was the daughter of a tribal chief, by the name of Margal. When Margal learned of his daughter’s fate, he pursued the orcs, and several weeks later rescued his daughter, killing many of the orcs (but Graskul escaped because he had been left behind.)

The barbarian culture would not look highly on a raped woman, and so Oona hid her shame. But eventually she showed that she was pregnant. Initially she claimed the baby was her mate’s, but she knew the truth. She knew that when her baby was born, Margal would probably kill it and banish Oona. So when she was due, she fled into the wastes. She raised Nestoruk with love and discipline, teaching him to control his inherent rage.

Oona told Nestoruk about his past, and trained him. He was taught to hate what the orcs did to his mother, and dreamed of killing Graskul some day. He also wanted to one day Margul for his betrayal of Oona.

When he was 12, Oona became ill, and Nestoruk took her to the nearest tribe of barbarians. Nestoruk faced prejudice for the first time. But Nestoruk’s pleasant demeanor, charismatic nature and strength, eventually won over the tribe members (with only a few tribe members suffering broken noses and arms.)

Sadly, Nestoruk met his end when his party mate greased him.


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