Tome of Jubal Earley vol XI

Tome of Jubal Early

Herein lies the records of Jubal Early, dragonborn, scribe to his lordship Magister Veneficus.
Volume XI
In Nostri Anno Draco Dominus MMMDLXXXVII

Status Rerum
The war at home drags on into yet another century and resources are still needed to keep our armies powerful and defend ourselves. This war that pits brother against brother serves no purpose yet there is no victor in sight. Yet we must persevere at any cost for our way of life is at stake and failure means death and dishonor.

Res in Aborl
Aborl is a land rich in magical resources and filled with many races. It is a shame that we need rule them for our own purposes rather than treat with them. Still without our peace, they might rise up against us should they learn our goals. This is a lesson, once learned, we shall not forget. Once we have pacified their world and snuffed out their means to oppose us we may begin our harvest.

Nuntius – In Nostri Anno Draco Dominus MMMDCX
The Concinnant Annihilationis is almost ready. Though the land is not yet ours, we have our first harvest to process. And a rich harvest it is. Once the path is complete, we can beginning shipping the chalcitis home.

Subcriptio of items curationi et resultat
Here in lies a lengthy list of mundane items as well as a number of magical ones. Most are labeled with a status of disposed. But one in particular stands out.

Crystallus Pila – Supposed key from a magical cache. The dwarves we tortured claimed it could open a trove of magical treasure. Although it survived the Concinnant Annihilationis it radiates no magic nor appeared to be any recognizable sort of key. Status: Recremento Acervum

Tome of Jubal Earley vol XI

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