Town of Iniquity

Think of a cross between a Renaissance Festival, Thunderdome, and a boom town.

Iniquity was initially a small campsite and meeting ground to conduct trade in a neutral location between many human and humanoid tribes and powers. The camp was never permanently occupied because of the fear of dragonborn patrols or army. However since the dragonborn withdrawal left a power vacuum behind, there has been jockeying for power. A mounted group of bandits had success in filling this void. The freeing of many dragonborn prisoners created a willing population for the human bandits in the area and their numbers swelled. One of their members was a skilled natural tactician and very charismatic, Maximillian Tenebrus. He soon forged the bandits into a core around which he took control of the surrounding human territories. What started out as a glorified protection racket morphed into stability and safety in exchange for swearing fealty.

Initially the leader used the meeting grounds as a base since it made using his spoils to increase his wealth through trade much easier. Using this steady income from his holdings and also his stream of trade resources, the leader created a permanent fortified presence at the meeting ground. He created a permanent market with the rule of law. His rule was simple. Every race and every kind would be welcome and recognized as long as they adhered to his word and come to the defense of the town at any time. Using his diplomacy and charisma he has been able to keep this law by carefully establishing a balance of power between all the races. Each of the races is entitled to police their own area, but must defer to the leader and his forces if he chooses to intervene. This has rarely been called on, but it has been successfully enforced.

Areas/structures of note:
- A small stone keep and wooden palisades. The keep has several meeting rooms to host small and large meetings.
- A stone temple,
- Two manors/nicer houses for visiting dignitaries who do not want to stay at the keep.
- Several smaller manor houses for rent from the keep.
- There are many shops strung out along a central area, much like the Renaissance festival in size, scale and randomness. These buildings are usually open air, with a living section for the vendor upstairs. Many of them can be closed up in some fashion with drop down panels movable walls. There is no logic to how the buildigns are grouped.
- Caravansary – This is where much of the trade of goods in bulk or specialty can be sold, traded, or orders placed.
- Slave Pens. Located next the Caravansary
- Arena. This is where public executions, special events, circuses, and gladiatorial fights take place.
- Tented market – This is an open area where every ten day are market is held with some vendors coming in from the local areas to sell goods and produce. Once per season there is a festival market. Other than market days, this area is just an open field.

New construction is happening all the time.


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