Pre-Draconic Aborl

Aborl is an ancient land, with human settlements dating back thousands of years. The elves first came to Aborl more than 10,000 years ago and settled in the thick forest that they called the Realm of the Shadowed Elves. The dwarves followed soon after, digging out the legendary city, Kaflur. The region was largely untamed then, with barbaric humans, orcs, and goblinoids ruling the countryside. These posed little threat to the elves and dwarves, however, as they were disorganized and lacked sophisticated magic.

The Draconic Sovereignty

In year 0 of the common calendar, the dragons came to the land. At this point, Aborl had developed a relatively stable and centralized monarchy. The ruler, King Imsheer IV, had held his throne securely for twelve years, despite significant trouble with the Arcanists League. When the dragon legions arrived on the eastern coast late in the summer of year 1, they moved quickly north to secure Northander and then followed the North Road


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