Conclusion to the Forgotten Dwarven City

Moving on through the dungeon in search of the Dwarven hero’s tomb, we came across an ancient library that still had several serviceable tomes. Here we were set upon by a pair of Babau demons lying in wait upon the ceiling.

This battle greatly fatigued us. Scouting ahead, we found an area guarded by bugbears but holding what we believed was the entry to the tomb. We sorely needed to rest before we headed on. We had passed a magical pool, constructed by sea-dwarves (shudder) that seemed to have not bottom. With some experimentation, we made it to a secret corridor located 100ft under water. There a magical barrier kept the water out. We rested before moving forward in this corridor to a pair of large doors.

Through the large double doors we came onto a wide bridge that spanned a vast underground pool of water and led to a another cavern where we found our final goal. We battled past two giant water elementals that threatened to crush us.


harry ElBriano

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