Aborl is my latest fantasy campaign. The campaign is named for the kingdom that will be the setting for the action. It is a smaller feudal kingdom set in a corner of the world, relatively isolated from the civilized lands (think early medieval England). For the past two centuries, the known world was ruled by that Draconic Sovereignty, an empire ruled by dragons and administered by their kin, the Dragonborn. They have ruled this vast domain with fairness and firmness, being brutal when necessary but otherwise bringing a level of civilization to the world hitherto unknown. The Sovereignty had its critics, but for most people its benefits outweighed its downsides.

But then 5 years ago, the dragons and their kin disappeared. No one knows why or even exactly how. Some claim to have seen dragons all suddenly just flying up into the clouds never to return, while the dragonborn boarded ships that never landed at any known port. The theories are numerous, but despite what anyone claims, no one really knows what happened.

And now the world is left to carry on, to fill this vacuum left by the absent masters.

Game system

The game is currently being run in Pathfinder. The campaign started with the August 17th, 2012 edition of the public D&D Next playtest. The first session was on September 23rd, 2012 with everyone starting out at 1st level. All characters were created using those rules, with most having been created by the players, though two of the pre-gens were used as well.

After our first three sessions, everyone was enjoying the campaign enough that we wanted to continue with it, but the players didn’t like the idea of having to redo their character with each new playtest iteration. So the decision was made to drop D&D Next in favor of Pathfinder.

Starting points


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